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          CWRC once again awarded as Excellent in the evaluation of poverty alleviation work of Hubei Province

          來源:CWRC 時間:2019年08月05日
          Recently, the Changjiang Water Resources Commission (CWRC) received a new honor for its achievements made in poverty alleviation. After winning the title of “Outstanding Supporting Unit for Poverty Alleviation” in Hubei Province for three consecutive years, the CWRC was rated as Excellent again, according to the “Report on the assessment of achievements in poverty alleviation for provincial direct units in 2018,” issued by the Hubei Provincial Poverty Alleviation Leading Group.

          Since the launch of the poverty alleviation initiative, the CWRC leadership has attached great importance to it, with all its departments and subordinate organizations as active participators. Great efforts have been made to take targeted measures in poverty alleviation for Zigui County and Fanjiaping Village, in fields such as industrial development, infrastructure, convenient service, neighborhood improvement and pairing assistance. Notable results have been achieved through unremitting efforts, which were highly appraised by leaders at all levels and people from the poverty-stricken areas.

          In 2019, the CWRC made further progress by initiating a tailored work plan of “Contact Counties and be Stationed in Villages” and identifying 20 assistance tasks in Zigui County and Fanjiaping Village. Until now, this plan has been smoothly implemented, with half of the tasks completed in the first half of the year. This has laid a solid foundation for passing the national third-party assessment, and realizing the goals of poverty alleviation for the targeted areas.